Exhibiting A Process

Creating a visual and tactile adventure that excites, instructs, and instills lasting wonder begins with a process.

On this page, you will find a sample of the process used for one of the elements of this multi-million dollar renovation to a Boston Scientific’s facility.

Once the goals were established, the excitement tamed, and the nuts and bolts of the location considered, rewritten, and defined within the parameters of the budget and reality, it was time to generate a concept that would astound.

In order to link the products of plastic and stainless to emotion the displays were outfitted with a beating heart and the ability to control a catheter from the position of a physician.

Taking it to the next level, layers of translucent material with various elements of the human body were stacked to give the impression of actually working inside the body.

One of the elements within the museum was a set of tables that would display and explain the new products to the target audience of physicians, investors, and internal employees who rarely saw the result of their hard work.

Taking all this into consideration a concept for the museum section was designed and a scale model was made using printed and folded paper.

Multiple materials were considered and used for this section of the project, to include:

• Hi-Mac Solid Surface
• Komatex (3mm, 6mm, 10mm, 19mm, 25mm)
• Acrylic (Clear & P95 – 6mm, 10mm & 19mm – Flame Polished Edges
• Aluminum
• Aluminum Standoffs & Caps (Multiple Sizes) – Painted
• Vinyl

Multiple processes, to include:

• Welding
• Powdercoating
• Aluminum
• Digital Printing – Direct & Adhered

Digital elements:

• LED Monitors
• Mini PCs (windows 10)
• ipad

…plus, great sub-contractors

Adding to the learning experience was a proposed 75″ touchscreen walk-up self-guided panel and interactive cleanroom kiosk with product display location.

Additional examples of projects can be viewed by clicking the images below.


“Everything is fascinating when the story is told correctly. Each piece of a puzzle is a chapter that leads to the whole. Defining this visually, and in a way that holds your visitor so tightly that they can’t wait to find out the ending, and yet, do not want it to be over, is how I look at every project, whether a new book or the display that holds an illuminated manuscript.”

—c. j. bartels

If you are interested in reinventing your space and telling a powerful story, let me know.


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