Building a Brand

Not every brand is internationally recognized, but shouldn’t every brand look like it could be?

C. J. B. has worked with the best food companies in the world, to include Conagra, Schwans, and Cargill, and helped build brands like Healthy Choice, Red Baron, Knorr Soups, and so many more. No matter the size or scope of the project, C. J. B. will provide your team with the experience of a senior designer and the flexibility of a responsible outside vender. Whether you are looking to create a new brand, design retail packaging and marketing materials to sell your new product, or generate a new responsive website that has all the tools your sales team needs at their fingertips and keeps everyone updated and on the same page, C. J. B. may be the perfect solution!

Helping A Company Build A Brand That’s Different From The Competition.


When Green Chile purchased the failing burrito manufacturer in New Mexico, they immediately brought in the best chef’s and updated the brand. Within a couple of years and some hard work by their sales team, Green Chile had been reinvented and went from a thousand dollars in sales to millions, breaking into a market that had been largely forgotten.

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C. J. B. likes to think that their work to upgrade the brand and expand the new look into every aspect of the company helped.

In addition, C.J.B. created a way to make Green Chile the chile specialist of the Southwest food market with GC’s “Know Your Peppers” Campaign and “Pepper Flavor Scale” on every box.

From local brands that support a family to international brands that support a community, C. J. B. will take the same care in creating and managing your investment.

Listed below are a few examples of logos created for all sizes o customers, from Ecolab and Global Egg to the single-shop food vendor – All important to the company that requested the work.

Experience Supporting Some Of The Best Food Producers

If you are looking for a design source that can cover all the bases, send us an email! We would love to hear from you and see if we can be of assistance.

C. J. B.