When Boston Scientific ask C. J. B. to tell visitors what their brand stands for, we took on the half-mile challenge, starting by speaking to customers, employees, and the people that walk those corridors every day.

BSC’s products and services meet their customers’ needs, but not everyone understands to what extent. By tailoring the message and using a combination of interactive touchscreens, product displays, and environmental branding we let employees and visitors alike know the impact Boston Scientific has on peoples’ lives. Now, everyone that enters is met with a simple message about an energetic hard working team that makes a fantastic product.

Exhibit Design – Process

Shaping The Response

Customers have an emotional response to quality. If they only see the end product without understanding the dedication that goes into creating it, you are leaving a lot to chance, especially when your competitors are selling a product that looks very similar to yours.

When Boston Scientific showed us their process, we saw more, we broke the technology down, and we wrapped their hard work in a visual display that presented each step in the journey like a friend giving a glowing referral.

Building A Deeper Bond

It’s not easy to build a psychological bond with a customer without one-on-one interaction… and yet, we did it.

Why do you revisit your favorite restaurant, even when you know you may not have the same waiter or sit at the same table? …Because there is comfort in consistency and emotional space. Discover your space in a new light, while your customers see you in a new way. Make your products and your procedures look as cutting edge and desirable as you know they are by building an identity around them that makes your audience say “Yes.”

Exhibit Design – Process


Strengthen your customers understanding with a sense of touch. Present your process clearly and keep it up-to-date as feedback from the field changes, products improve, and success stories filter in.

With the ever-expanding product lines and continued growth at Boston Scientific, C. J. B. programmed and installed interactive displays that can be kept fresh and new, so visitors experience up-to-date content and understand what is going on behind the curtain.

Supporting The Culture

Telling your employees and customers how much they mean to you at every turn makes a difference.

Within the long corridors of Boston Scientific’s Arden Hill’s manufacturing site, we splashed two and three-dimensional graphics throughout the main route, to help explain what they do, shorten the walk, and tell the teams making these great products that they matter.

Changing The Way Things Are Done, Thanks To Great Customers…

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