Tell Your Story

When Boston Scientific ask C. J. B. to tell their companies story, we started by speaking to the tour guides, and ended with a half-mile route that included interactive touchscreens, product displays, and environmental branding that gave a voice to an energetic hard working team and made their amazing product understandable to investors, patients, and employee’s families.

Dimensional Product Displays

Wrap your hard work in a custom display. We’ll make sure that your customers understand that there is no option for you.

Custom Fixtures

Discover your space in a new light, while your customers see you in a new way. Make your products and your procedures look as cutting edge as you know they are.

Interactive Tour Routes

Present your process clearly and up-to-date using interactive stations and touchscreen controllers that tour guides can utilize to clarify the amazing.

Environmental Branding

Communicate your companies values with two and three-dimensional graphics that shorten a long corridor, bring a lobby to life and tell your employees that you care.