Take Ball Away From Opponent

Using the dice with a 3, the ball is dropped from playing piece “A” three spaces out in front. Remember, the ball or a disc must go between two teammates at some point during the turn. Using the 4 dice, player B moves along a single line that the ball is on, picks it up, and stops at the fourth space.

NOTE: Because the ball moved between players “B” and “D” from the same team, any move using the remaining dice is possible, as long as it does not result in running into another playing piece on either side.

BASE REQUIREMENT FOR EACH TURN: During a turn, which consists of two dice, a team’s playing disc, or if on offense, the ball, must move between two other teammates. If a player uses the first dice to move a disc between two teammates, then the person can move any other playing disc, or drop or pass the ball, in any direction without going between two teammates using the remaining dice number. If the first dice does not move a disc or ball between two teammates, the remaining dice must be used to accomplish this.

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