Edge Bounce Options

Ball and player discs edge bounces are the same. This will give you some examples of how you can use an edge bounce to your advantage to reach areas that you may not have been able too otherwise.

NOTE: The corner bounce could go in a couple of ways. We have selected the most likely bounce so the ball rolls across the crease of the goal to add another aspect to the defensive game.

BASE REQUIREMENT FOR EACH TURN: During a turn, which consists of two dice, a team’s playing disc, or if on offense, the ball, must move between two other teammates. If a player uses the first dice to move a disc between two teammates, then the person can move any other playing disc, or drop or pass the ball, in any direction without going between two teammates using the remaining dice number. If the first dice does not move a disc or ball between two teammates, the remaining dice must be used to accomplish this. This goes for a bounce move as well when used during a turn.

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