Bounce Pass & Move With Ball

The ball is currently on playing disc “A”. Deciding to pass the ball to teammate “C” using the dice showing 5, playing disc “A” sends the ball on the line that will force a wall bounce onto playing disc “C”. Because it is only 4 counts to reach playing disc “C”, the ball carries playing disc “C” forward one more count to reach the amount shown on the dice. In addition, because player “A” passes the ball between disc “B” & “D” the requirements for the ball or the playing piece, to move between two teammates during a turn has been met. For this reason, player “C”, now with the ball, can use the remaining dice to move in any direction down a single line. In this case, the remaining dice shows a 3.

NOTE: Because the ball moved between two players, meeting the base requirement of a ball and/or any single disc moving between two teammates in a turn, the player can select any disc and use the remaining dice amount to move in any direction (Assuming they will not run into any other playing disc on either team). In this case, the player decides to continue moving the disc with the ball.

BASE REQUIREMENT FOR EACH TURN: During a turn, which consists of two dice, a team’s playing disc, or if on offense, the ball, must move between two other teammates. If a player uses the first dice to move a disc between two teammates, then the person can move any other playing disc, or drop or pass the ball, in any direction without going between two teammates using the remaining dice number. If the first dice does not move a disc or ball between two teammates, the remaining dice must be used to accomplish this.

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